Thursday, March 18, 2010

Study or Redecorate?

So as of today I have completed: one senior thesis paper, one group project, one final. Still to come: two finals, one online group project. My group project that I completed already was voted by my entire class to be the best Hospitality Concept Presentation which I'm SOO proud of.

During this week I've spent countless hours in the library, and decided to finish the rest of the week in my living room studying just for a change of scenery. Well in doing so I've realized how much "guy style" has taken over my apartment. Granted I moved in with a guy who had already been living there with another guy, but you would never know a girl lived there now until you saw my Cosmo's and Sex and the City DVD.

I started to browse online for living rooms that Live Beautiful Recipes would deem acceptable and they all involve BOLD color options! How could you not be happy sitting in a room that was so alive with color?

The combination between this yellow colored sofa and the purple in the floor to ceiling French memo board backgroup is very cool, and they really bring out each other. Then the balance of the colors in the frame behind the couch make the room casual and upbeat.

The turquoise corner wall is such a statement and such a beautiful color, it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaws apartment at the end of the SATC movie.

Instead of using an expensive wall paper, I love that this room just adds accents of colors on the walls so it's not overpowering with the variety of colors there.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of this really romantic and playful bench swing in the living room, because not only is it a reinvented sitting piece, but it acts as a divider between where the bedroom ends and the living room begins. Plus the graphic and colorful pattern on the seat cushion is so inviting.

Tomorrows well deserved Walnut Street shopping spree will probably inspire a fashion post. Ciao

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