Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Julie & Julia saves my sanity during finals :)

So with one final paper down and three final exams and a group assignment due I thought I would ease the stress with an appropriate Live Beautiful Recipes classic: Julia & Julia!

Unfortunately this is now making me hungry and all I have is the pasta salad with lemon vinagrette and capers in the fridge (hard life, lol). All I want right now is a some summer vegetable salad and iced green tea (both of which reccommended by Skinny Bitch) which is another Live Beautiful Recipes classic which I am currently in possession of and LOVING, minus their attempt to turn us all vegan. I'm sorry but meat and dairy are just too wonderful to let go of!

Speaking of wonderful, my newest addiction in the entire world is currently Flowers Uncut which follows Paris's Four Seasons Hotels Visual Director Jeff Leatham as he takes over New York City with his stunning flower displays. My recent career path might have been inspired almost completely from watching this show. Tons of tv appropriate drama and setbacks always results with him transforming these locations into works of art. Follow this link to Tried and True Blog to see some of his displays!

Lastly, only because this has now turned into a list of way today has been so wonderfully unstressful during the week that I'm losing my sanity, small but awesome, Firefox has created these "themes" for their internet windows and Lilly Pulitzer has a theme. The best part is that they have a theme in my favorite dress pattern the Charity Shift Dress pattern which is made up of all the patterns from the Spring/Summer 2009 line.

Now after all of this I now want to go buy flowers, cook dinner and wear my Charity Shift dress while doing all these things. Instead I'll study for my Beverage Management, Contract Food Service Management, and Marketing finals, ew :(

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