Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is in the air!

It's Spring!!! So you know what that means? This is the second most exciting time for fashion aside from the fall issue of Vogue. Time to pack away our puffy coats and clunky winter boots and make room for all of the beautiful pastel and vivid hues! Today I gladly spent the first day of my spring break neatly packing everything in my Spring clothes bin plus about 12 dresses (which is about 1/5 of the amount of dresses I won) in a suit case and drove back to my apartment to switch out all of my winter clothes. No longer do I have a closet of black, charcoal, brown and plum, it has been replaced with every color of the rainbow, including my steal of a purchase my Lilly Pulitzer Charity Print Shift Dress that my wonderful sorority sister Chelsey snagged for me at the employee discount price of $100, initially around $328.

My current spring fashion mission is to find a chic cross strap purse for spring/summer. See, while I love the over sized hobo bags and the sexy clutches, neither one are always conducive to a night at the bar. So these are the ones I have found so far:

Marc Jacobs

Anthropologie Bags
Empanada Mini Bags

Just Knot my Bag

Molten Folds Bag

Small & Mighty Bag

Woven Pendulum Sling Bag

I'm still on the search for more. Any suggestions?

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