Sunday, March 14, 2010

First post

Welcome to my blog Live Beautiful Recipes!

I'm a huge fan of fashion, cooking, event planning, books, photography, and all things aesthetically pleasing. I try to surround myself with things that are beautiful and truly make me happy.

I'm studying to be an Event Planner, for specifically with Weddings, and currently considering going to grad school for interior design so I can work for an Event Design firm. Eclatante, Colin Cowie, Evantine, Fete are all Event Planners/Companies that I have found to be incredibly inspiring and would be grateful to work for either company. Stores like Anthropologie, JCrew, Lilly Pulitzer, Joan Shep have such beautiful visual displays in their stores that I've also taken note to. The restaurant scene in Philadelphia is very eclectic and growing to becoming more plentiful. We are home to world class chefs and restaurateurs such as: Stephen Starr: Buddakahn, Continental, Morimoto, El Vez, Cuba Libra, POD, Butcher and Singer, Stella, Jone; George Perrier: La Bec Fin; Jose Garces: Amada, Tinto, Distrito, Chifa, Mercat, Village Whiskey, Garces Trading Company; Marc Vetri: Vetri Restaurante, Osteria; and many more.

So I will periodically showcase some pictures, and reviews of places and things that I've seen that I think are recipes for living beautifully!

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