Monday, January 31, 2011

How to avoid Blasé Wedding Decor- Tables and Centerpieces

So your planning a wedding. Congrats! The I'm engaged buzz is gone and its time to focus on the big day, which you've been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Well weddings were a whole different ball game back then and times are changing along with whats currently IN on the wedding scene.

One thing that drives me up a wall is that couples aren't aware of their wedding resources, and wind up going to their local florist and paying and arm and a leg for something that's been done already! If your a traditionalist don't run away just yet, theres nothing wrong with white linens, red rose centerpieces and babies breath,...well I lied about the babies breath. Get creative! You want your guests to walk in and not dissect everything because it's all obvious. These are a few tips I've learned from my past weddings that you should keep in mind for any event situation, wedding or large gathering.

The first thing your guests see are the tables. And whats worse then putting all this effort in the perfect linen and centerpieces that completely clashes with the decor of the room. Instead of boring white linens, pick a different solid color, even a darker one because the items on the table will pop out more and give the room a richer feel.

Next play around with varying centerpieces. Cookie cutter clone tables are out! Take advantage of the height of the room and use tall cylinder vases and candles on some tables and smaller clustered flower arrangement and votive candles on others. Same for rooms with low ceilings, create 2 or 3 different kinds of centerpieces using the same items in different configurations.

Want your room to really pop? Skip the idea of using 4 different colors for your "wedding color palate" and pick one! Monocramatics are great because you use shades of one color. It's very clean, and bold when you pair a soft blue next to a navy blue like flowers in vases. Even this flower arrangement, that doesn't include any leaves, just flower heads in hues of red/pinks.

What not to neglect thats totally unexpected? The chairs! Not into the look of chivari chairs but can't use the huge fabric cushion chairs found in hotels? Not a problem. Lose the sash idea and get a little couture!

So thats a little taste of some simple tips to consider. It's just about making different choices in linen colors, or using your centerpieces in different ways, also not neglecting the details. Once you've got a hold on that your on your way to one hell of a party!

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